Posted: 1 month ago

Winners of TBC Apps Challenge Revealed

3 winning teams of TBC App Challenge are already revealed. By the decision of the jury, the following teams were named the best among 11 finalists:

Place I - Inventors

  • Inventors offers users to find the parts needed for cars, determine their condition, the price, warranty, delivery of the parts and electronic transaction; 

Place II - Payze

  • a platform for modern and flexible payments in e-commerce space;

Place III - Typline

  • Cloud management system, which enables customers to book their place in the queue online. Using this application, the user is able to see how many people are in the queue and goes on the meeting when his/her time comes.

Members of the juries revealed the winner with the following criterias:

how can the application solve the current problem for the businesses, what kind of concept and businessmodel has the application. The winners will be awarded cash prizes and it will be used to implement the application fully and finish the prototype.

The first winner will be awarded 30,000 GEL. Second and third winner team will receive 15,000 GEL.  

The app challenge was started by the TBC program "Startuper" 2 years ago. The project aims to promote time and human resources. On the other hand, it stimulates the implementation of new startups.

The project consisted of three stages and within it, the participants had to present such projects, which would simplify daily working processes for businesses.

Supporters of App Challenge are FMO and GITA.