Posted: 1 month ago

Winner of Redberry and GITA Online Hackathon to be Revealed

Online Hackathon created by GITA and Redberry against COVID-19 is already finished.

Winner of the online Hackathon organized by Redberry and GITA is Edison Tech.

The company was awarded with 20,000 Lari grant.

According to their project, the respiratory system should be created, which can be usable in both critical situations and at home. 

"Online Hackathon was presented by GITA and advertisement agency Redberry several weeks ago. The main aim was to create products and services, which would efficiently fulfill the needs provoked by a coronavirus. The teams started working on April 3rd."

"By the nearly 350 entered applications, 28 teams and 5 people were participating in a 3-day marathon. During 72 hours, they were working on the challenges, such as medicine, retail trading, groceries supplying, remote education, disease spreading, etc. In the working process, participants of the online Hackathon were having consultations with invited mentors.

The respiratory system created by Edison Tech is applicable for every age group. As a result, it will effectively handle the world challenge and in case of need, there won't be no crisis of respiratory systems in the country,", noted GITA.