Posted: 3 years ago

Wine Village to Open in Kvareli

Wine Village is being constructed in the location surrounded by vineyards in Kvareli Municipality, Kakheti Region.

As the project author Giorgi Bregadze told the Commersant, the project’s investment value is GEL 4 million and it calls for building wine houses designed in ethnic elements,. “We started the project implementation about a year ago, after a long analysis of the idea. This is a modern ethic wine village in one of the most beautiful districts of the Kakheti Region.

This is not only a business project. This is an ambitious project to illustrate what sort of settlements Georgia needs today. Kakheti is an all-season region and it attracts both domestic and international tourists. This signifies this is a very profitable investment. On the one hand, this is a country settlement with best views, where original wines are made and that inspires future generations to love the homelands more.

On the other hand, the investor can also lease this space”, Giorgi Bregadze noted. The project of Wine Village comprises underground communications and modern-standard energy-efficient houses. Despite the pandemic, the project has raised much public interest and the company has already received orders for several houses. As noted by Giorgi Bregadze, the Wine Village will comprise a swimming pool, entertainment space for children, and a conference hall to hold wine-related exhibitions and festivals. “As the author of this idea, I have an ambitious plan to arrange facilities with valuable and modern infrastructure. Our concept will cover all regions of Georgia.

Each project just needs various themes and contents. Our country has an 8,000-year history of winemaking and therefore, we have decided to enhance this direction. This is a tourism project to stress that the wine homeland should have a wine village.

Our objective is to enhance the value that is important for us and that our ancestors have preserved, transform these values into specific projects”, Giorgi Bregadze noted. The price of existing spaces at Wine Village is about GEL 140,000. The 150m2 space with ethnic elements comprises a two-bed house with 60 m2 space and energy-efficient systems with fruit gardens and vineyards of Rkatsiteli or Saperavi grapes.