Posted: 1 month ago

Wine Tea in Tea Bags Appears on the Local Market

From November, wine tea will be available in tea bags in the market.

According to the head of the company "Stumari", Giorgi Bukia, the company has been producing wine tea from 2017 in small amounts, however, recently, it decided to enter the retail sector and have a certain share on the market.

"We will import tea bags from Japan. The price of wine tea, with Saperavi flavor in 8-10 packages will cost around 12-15 GEL.

The product has many health benefits, it has a large number of antioxidants, contains B and D group vitamins, and is good for blood circulation. We have conducted official laboratory tests about this."

About 30% of the production will be available in the local market. The rest will be exported.

Products that are exclusive in the world are already on sale in China, in the HoReCa network, and in premium segment stores. Exports were also made to England. Negotiations are underway with the United States.

The company received 650,000 GEL grant from the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency in early 2021, as a result of which it plans to increase productivity.