Posted: 3 years ago

Why Do Georgian Customers Choose HUAWEI?

Why do Georgians Choose HUAWEI smartphones? Perhaps because company offers the best devices on the market. Moreover, this is a company which always cares for its customers and focuses on protecting their interests above all.

In recent times, there was a lot of news and unconfirmed information spread about HUAWEI, however, it seems the Georgian customers were unafraid and went on expecting technological innovations from HUAWEI.

Kakha Bitsadze, a doctor, has been a loyal customer of HUAWEI for five years.

„Initially, I did not choose the HUAWEI smartphone myself, it was a gift from my friend. Before that, I was the victim of a bad stereotype that „Chinese products have no good quality“

„Prior to buying the equipment, I always get acquainted with the product features in detail, making comparisons with similar models. The ratio of price and quality is also important. Besides bloggers’ reviews, I also get acquainted with the thousands of comments left from users and then make a decision on purchasing a certain product. I was interested in HUAWEI due to its fast development and progress. I got acquainted with its history, founders, production, capital turnover, etc. The numbers were impressive. As a result, there was a feeling that it would become the leader in the market. Meanwhile, the gifted smartphone became old and when the time came to purchase a new phone, I bought the HUAWEI P30 Pro without any hesitation. I was happy with the signal quality, interface and of course, camera … HUAWEI is definitely the leader for its main cameras in its price category. The fast charging system, best photo shoot and zoom - these are the main features which made the HUAWEI P30 Pro the model, I wanted most.”

Kakha Magradze, a PR Specialist, also became a HUAWEI user five years ago. Currently, he owns his 5th model produced by HUAWEI and as he claims, it is both comfortable and affordable.

„At first, I bought HUAWEI for its quality and price. Even today this is the main defining argument for me. Additionally, the camera of the latest models is truly distinguished, which is the main reason I became a loyal user of HUAWEI. I’m not a technology expert, but I can use the features of the camera which are suitable for social networks. As for the rest, the main thing for me is not to have to charge the battery during the day and for the phone to last the use of several applications and games at the same time, which is just what my HUAWEI P20 Pro does!“

As it turns out, while choosing a smartphone, the main, most important  factors for the customer are: camera, battery, design and power.

„During my 24-hour shift, which can even last up to 30 hours, I get a lot of incoming calls, messages, SMS, video calls. I love traveling and shooting wherever something unusual and interesting happens. Wearing a camera is very awkward. The advantage of a mobile phone camera is its speed of action, allowing you to capture that unique and special shot. Due to my active lifestyle, fast charging is very important. For some time, I even thought that HUAWEI was producing smartphones for me personally, as it was so suitable for me,” said Kakha Bitsadze.

„The four components I love HUAWEI for will always be its integral parts: the best camera, strong connection, fast charging and immortalized battery. The other companies are far behind in this regard,“ says another HUAWEI customer, Giorgi Chokheli.

„Exactly those components caused my interest and I bought HUAWEI, because it is more refined and accessible compared  to its competitors,“ he adds. 

In addition to a competitive price and design of smartphone, the main element while choosing the phone for Chokheli was the power of the battery and photo shoot features, considering his profession:

„I like the battery power. I also use the fast charging feature, which is very comfortable. However, the main reason behind my choice was the camera's stunning features. Macro shooting mode, wide view lens and night shooting mode are no less important. I use the smartphone mainly for shooting, but I think that high quality graphics will be very attractive for lovers of mobile games,“ Giorgi Chokheli.

The fascination in HUAWEI smartphones lies in one other detail: „If you decide to buy HUAWEI at least once, the power of attraction is so great that you will never give it up,“ Chokheli says.

HUAWEI products and services are available in more than 170 countries and are used by a third of the world's population. There are 16 research and development centers operating worldwide in the USA, Germany, Sweden, Russia, India and China. HUAWEI Consumer BG is one of three business units of HUAWEI, mainly focusing on the production of smartphones, personal computers, tablets and cloud services. The HUAWEI Global Network is based on 20 years of experience in the telecommunications business and serves to the production of innovative technologies to customers around the world.