Posted: 3 months ago

What are the Prices of Commercial Property on Renewed Square of Orbeliani?

The price of 1 sq.M on Orbeliani renewed square is approximately 40-50$. As freeholders note, the demand is quite increased in the matters of profitable objects. The part of freeholders also noted that the sanctions appointed by Russia primarily had a negative effect.

Giorgi Zavrashvili, one of the freeholders is selling 1 sq.M of commercial property for 1000$. He thinks, that the place is good for wine cellar or club. 

The one who also rents the commercial property, 1 sq.M for 50$ is Temur Abashidze. As he explained, the place has a high demand.

On the first floor I am renting 200 sq.M. The demand is high, I have already rented out one commercial property, 1 sq.M for 50$. 

The renovation of Orbeliani Square launched in June 2017, and the square and adjacent streets were fully renovated.