Posted: 1 year ago

We Export Products of $1 million a Month – Composite Airplane Spare Parts Plant

ATC Company, manufacturer of the composite airplanes spare parts has not slowed down production paces amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the company financial director Mikheil Begiashvili told BM.GE.

The plant continues operation in usual regime and exports products of $1 million a month, he said.

“As for global impact, at this stage we have not revised our plans, but we think this pandemic will somehow affect our business too. At this stage, we continue exports in ordinary regime. Under the statistics, airplane spare parts exports have essentially increased and our company holds a 95% ratio in total exports. We supply composite spare parts to our partner Boeing. The monthly exports amount to about $1 million. At this stage, we cooperate only with Boeing, but we plan to find new partners and launch cooperation with them too”, Mikheil Begiashvili noted.

The company has easily matched the new guidelines amid the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the personnel transportation became the key challenge, Begiashvili noted.

“The company continues operation at full capacity, in 3 shifts, for 24 hours. Naturally, we also had challenges. We had to meet the current regulations in the country and satisfy the personnel transposition and healthcare standards.


At this stage, the company employs 170 persons and we had to arrange transportation issues, including from regions. We had no problems with satisfying all other safety norms, because the plant meets the highest standards and we had preserved all required safety accessories – facemasks, disinfection barriers and thermometers.

Despite the new agenda, our expenditures rose insignificantly and we do not bear financial losses”, the ATC financial director noted.

As for the future plans, the plant is about designing and certifying new spare parts, Mikheil Begiashvili noted.

“Today we produce about 230 spare parts and plan to launch production of 170 new parts in 2021. This signifies we continue growth”, Begiashvili pointed out.

We remind you that the Caucasus’ first plant manufacturing composite airplanes spare parts launched operation in 2018 as part of the joint project of Partnership Fund and Elbit Cyclon Israeli Company.