Posted: 1 year ago

VEON to Launch 5G Internet Technology in Georgia

VEON company plans to strengthen mobile internet signal in Georgia. To this end, last week, the company signed a contract of $10 million with NOKIA.

After the network modernization, Beeline’s 4G mobile internet signal will be amplified and 5G internet infrastructure will be prepared. The signing ceremony with NOKIA was attended by the company’s global C0-CEO Kaan Terzioğlu, who noted that, under the bilateral agreement, the company would double 4G internet strength. “VEON has assumed the obligation to arrange due infrastructure in the country to prepare Georgia for the 5G technology. At this stage, this technology guarantees that anybody will have access to 4G services too. In reality, we will double the internet strength to reach all 3 million potential subscribers in Georgia. This project reveals how ambitious plans we have in Georgia. We will introduce the new technology together with NOKIA and we expect to receive specific results in 6 months”, VEON CO-CEO Kaan Terzioğlu said.

5G technology will boost Georgia’s competitive capacity, he added. “We have huge ambitions. The 26% market ratio is a good start, but not only the quantity of subscribers matters. We should also know what we do for our economy. Today, a Smartphone is not a luxury thing. It is a necessary thing for citizens in order that people work, receive education, and develop such sector as agriculture. Our company will continue collaboration with the Government to widen access to the intent in our society and boost Georgia’s competitive capacity in this way”, VEON director general pointed out.