Posted: 1 month ago

Usharo Sends Tea from Tusheti to Ireland for Possible Cooperation

Medicinal tea and spice company Usharo will send a test version of its products to Ireland at the end of May.

As the company's founder Giorgi Sekhniaidze told Business Partner, this will be a rather small batch, in case of a positive assessment, the products produced in Tusheti will be placed on the shelves of stores in Ireland.

According to him, there is great interest from Israel as well. The company's products are already actively sold in a Georgian store in England, London. The sale of tea produced in Tusheti, specifically Bekondara in Europe for about 6 months, started with small batches.

"Usharo" is a family business that produces 5 types of herbal teas, 3 types of jams (forest raspberries, cones, blueberries), and spices in the village of Shenako, Akhmeta district, Tusheti.

The company also plans to expand its range in the near future. They consider adding the production of several herbal teas.

According to the founder of the company, the business card of the company is herbal tea. Among them are Bektondari, Deka, Tavshava, Chamomile, Mint, and Cranberry leaf. As for spices, at the moment the company produces barberry and khinkali savory.

The plants are found in Tusheti, about 2000 meters above sea level.

The company sells the product mainly locally. Among them are a 4-room hotel "Usharo" and a shop owned by the company. Products are sold in several stores in Tbilisi and through online services. According to Giorgi Sekhniaidze, the main customers of "Usharo" are foreign tourists. "Usharo" tea is sold in a 25-gram package, and jam is sold in 150-gram packages.