Posted: 5 days ago

Ushakro Plans to Open a New Branch

"Ushakro" is a company producing healthy, sugar-free desserts. It appeared on the market one year ago. According to the manager of the startup, Luka Aptsiauri, the demand for products is growing so much that it is planned to open a new brand store of "Ushakro" next year.

"We started production a year ago, we expected that it would take us at least 2-3 years to establish ourselves in the market, but the reality exceeded our expectations. The demand is so great that we will open a new branch in the near future. Today, our store operates at 30 Kazbegi street, where desserts are made on-site. Our products are presented in Goodwill chain stores and Food&Market."

The range of products in "Ushakro" is constantly updated. Luka Aptsiauri notes that they have added new recipes, and in the future, they plan to add jams, peanut butter, and various sweets to the assortment.

As for the prices, the manager of "Ushakro" says that despite the sharp increase in the price of products, they try to maintain the original price of their desserts. Currently, they only have a minimum markup and the products are aimed at the middle segment.