Posted: 4 years ago

Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia to Plan Collaboration in Hazel Producing

Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Georgia started collaborating in the hazel producing - This was declared by the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

As he stated, These three countries are major exporters on the world market and negotiations between them are utterly important. Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Georgia are exporting 80% of hazel on the world market.

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture, Khatia Tsilosani confirms, that Georgia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan will work together in order to increase productivity and pass the product on the world market with the high quality. 

"Hazel is the most relevant product for export for Georgia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan. Hence, increasing productivity will be an important process for these countries. Transferring high-quality product to the market will be our main mission, which implies to improvement of laboratory control and permanent collaboration between specialists.", stated Tsilosani.