Posted: 1 month ago

Tsivis Kveli Expands its Sales Area in the US

After Chicago, different cities of America expressed interest in Georgian-produced cheese. "Tsivis Kveli" soon will be available in New York. The company already sent testing samples. The production is also actively exported to China.

"Initially, We were sending our production once every three months. Now, the demand is high in America and we are sending approximately 300-400 kilograms of cheese in 1 month. As for the local market, decreased tourism and suspending HoReCa sector is problematic, however, we hope, that we will overcome this crisis soon.", says the founder of Tsivis Kveli, Gocha Gagashvili.

Currently, the factory produces 2-3,000 liters of milk daily, and the factory has the ability to produce 10,000 liters of milk.

Tsivis Kveli entered the market 12 years ago. Its factory is located in Telavi and produces nearly 200 varieties of cheese. At this moment, the production is exported to China and America.