Posted: 5 months ago

Tsikolia Launches New Series of Watches

Tsikolia Watches launches a new series of women watches. This will be an accessory with the smallest mechanism of the brand. Instead of the name of the company, the Georgian letter - "C" will be drawn, distinguished by other models.

"This is a new interpretation of Tsikolia's brand's most popular model," Seven ", and has turned into more bracelet-like. Our models have the smallest mechanism - its radius is 16 mm. We have three different options: Silver with blue cylinders, golden white and black dial, "says Zviad Tsikolia at Marketer.

According to him, the new watch will be sold in Tsikolia boutique (Rose Revolution Square # 1, Hotel "Radisson Blu Iveria").

"We think this model will be on sale for the new year. Now only samples have arrived, produced in Switzerland. As for the price, at this stage, it is difficult to define.''