Posted: 2 weeks ago

Tserti Store to Open Another Branch in Tbilisi

Tserti plans to open its second store in Tbilisi in early December.

As Agro Qiziki company founder Beka Gonashvili noted, the project’s investment value is GEL 500,000. The new branch will be located in the central district of Tbilisi. A lunch-café will be also arranged locally.

“The growing demand for our products made us think of network expansion. Amid the pandemic we also launched the delivery service, expanded output, however, our current location did not enable us to further expand the business. We manufacture Tserti semi-finished goods by the beef of our production. We also plan to arrange our own milk production too”, Beka Gonashvili noted. The new branch will employ 30 persons in addition. The continuous production chain will involve about 200 farmers. Tserti is not only a store. We have created a chain of values and involved around 200 farmers. These farmers have acquired a guaranteed point of sales and these opportunities will further increase”, Beka Gonashvili noted. Agro Qiziki Company opened the store of meat products, milk, and dairy products in summer 2019.