Posted: 1 week ago

Tornike Darjania on the Electric Future: "Invest Now, the Demand for Electricity Will Only Grow"

During an appearance on the "Business Partner" program, Tornike Darjania, head of the Solar Energy Development Association, discussed the inevitable shift towards electric vehicles and the broader electrification of heating and transportation.

"The future is undoubtedly electric. However, this transition will demand significant energy investments, given our current limitations in electricity production. Our country holds vast potential in this sector, which can also boost employment rates significantly," Darjania stated.

He emphasized the inevitability of development in this sector: "Development will inevitably come to us, whether we pursue it or not. Today, everyone is aware of the cost of electricity, and we're witnessing the emergence of oil power trains. At the same time, there's a surge in competing renewable energy sources. Investors are closely monitoring the market and can see the growing demand for electricity. It's natural for them to want to invest in energy to cater to the future needs of electric equipment."

Darjania argues that proactive investments today are crucial for meeting tomorrow's electrical equipment demands, highlighting the strategic importance of advancing the country's energy infrastructure to support the anticipated rise in electric vehicles and other electric-dependent technologies.