Posted: 1 month ago

Top-quality Shell Oils just for BMW Owners - an Exclusive Opportunity for Tegeta Motors Customers

The Transcaucasian Distribution Company - the exclusive dealer in Georgia of the world’s best quality lubricants by Shell, is kicking off the year with great news for customers: From 2024, Tegeta’s subsidiary company is offering Shell engine oils especially designed for BMW vehicles. 

To maintain the high level of dynamics and performance traditionally offered by BMW vehicles, the best quality oil needs to be used. The brand itself has been entrusting Shell with this for years, and that is why they decided to create an exclusive opportunity for the Georgian market – starting from 2024, at Tegeta Motors branches, you can buy Shell oils especially designed for BMWs.

Ana Iobidze, Marketing Manager of the Transcaucasian Distribution Company: “BMW is popular in Georgia, and that’s why we decided to offer their owners the engine oil that the brand itself uses globally. There are several advantages to using this oil, among them safety, quality, cost-saving, and efficiency.

Original BMW engine oil is based on strict quality standards and environmental tests. This means that drivers can feel confident that the engine will operate smoothly, which in turn guarantees safety. In addition, the use of original oil contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions and lower oil consumption, which is also important in terms of fuel savings."


Shell and BMW Group have been in cooperation over many years, and their partnership agreement was recently updated. BMW will continue to supply the aftersales business of all BMW Group brands as the exclusive producer and supplier of engine oil to the Rest of World and Asia clusters until 2027.  BMW Group believes that Shell’s high-quality products help BMW to offer the ideal customer experience.


Ana Iobidze, Marketing Manager of the Transcaucasian Distribution Company: “Shell and BMW Group have a long history of cooperation. The agreement recently updated between them covers more than 150 countries. This oil is based on Shell PurePlus technology, which involves producing base oils from natural gas. Base oils make up 80% of lubricants and are the main components of engine oil. Shell’s natural gas liquefaction technology, developed over 40 years of research, transforms natural gas into crystal transparent base oil. Such a vote of confidence from a leading premium manufacturer such as BMW shows the undisputed superiority of Shell’s technology.”


As the British brand says, there is a great demand for Shell products in Georgia due to its reputation and quality. The offer of engine oil especially made for BMWs also serves to increase the customer satisfaction index.



The Transcaucasian Distribution Company, part of Tegeta Holding, was founded in 2010 and offers products of premium brands to the regional market. Among them are Shell, Brembo, Energizer, Exide, Hengst, Mann, and Filtron. Shell lubricants are distributed by TDC in Georgia and Armenia.