Posted: 1 week ago

Three-star Hotel to Open in Hatsvali

Three-star hotel will replace a high-class brand hotel in Svaneti.

As Grapa Mestia's founder, Mindia Gurgenidze mentioned on implementing the project, as a result of regulations, technical parameters have been changed. 

It is no longer permitted to build buildings higher than 3 floors, which puts the need for project remodeling on the agenda.

"We introduced a new project in the local municipality 2 weeks ago. We are waiting for the draft agreement. After that we will move to the stage of obtaining a construction permit.", noted Mindia Gurgenidze.

The hotel will be operated by Georgian company.

Spa centers and restaurants will be arranged on 6,000 square meters of the territory in Hatsvali.

The total price of the investment is $4-5 million. 

The building of the hotel will start in 2022.

As it is revealed, the project involves two middle-class hotels, restaurants, and other entertainment facilities.