Posted: 4 days ago

Thermochrome Etiquette - Another Innovation from Natakhtari

The development of the Georgian beer industry includes entering new players on the market along with new brands, and new demands. The beer "Natakhtari" is one of the oldest beer brands on Georgian market. 

Currently, the Natakhtari brand has created a thermometer mark on the Natakhtari label using thermochromic technology.

The thermometer is sensitive to cold and with its help, the user will easily understand when the beer is properly served. When the thermometer turns blue, this means, that bear is at the right temperature, it reaches 4-6 degrees.

"We listen to our customers carefully to understand what she/he needs. This is our approach. This summer, our customers need properly served beer. We helped beer lovers to use "Natakhtari" at the right temperature and feel its taste perfectly. Thus, this additional feature makes the drinking of the beer more fun.", noted Ana Karchava, Marketing Manager.