Posted: 4 years ago

There Should not be any Business Which Avoids Paying Taxes

The Caucasus Business Week (CBW) has inquired how the business sector appraises the government program submitted by the new Prime Minister. 

BDO managing partner Zurab Lalazashvili explains that it is interesting to listen to taxation discipline details, because tighter measures under the previous government have not brought positive results. 

“If someone avoids paying taxes, and if there are dishonest taxpayers, naturally, this problem should be resolved, and this is in our common interest. There should not be any business which avoids paying taxes. Therefore, I stress that we are interested in knowing the issue in details”, Lalazashvili said. 

“If they need more analytics at the Revenue Service, information processing for efficient implementation, and the discovery of the so-called Black Gaps with dishonest taxpayers, this is our common interest,'' he added. 

“The key principle is that all taxpayers should operate under the same regime. It is inadmissible that some should make use of illegal mechanisms, and some pay all their taxes honestly. This is not justice. However, if they intend to tighten auditing standards and impose unjust taxation on business by the Revenue Service, naturally, I do not welcome this. Therefore, we should know all the details”, Lalazashvili noted. 

“Dialogue with business is normal, but the business sector’s considerations should be analyzed. Prior to the introduction of new regulations, we should ensure communication with business, and take into account the sector’s considerations,” Lalazashvili noted. 

“There were a lot of regulations and the business sector’s interests were not taken into account. This is not the right way. Expulsion by the police force is similar, as well as bank regulations, lands, and so on. The business sector perceives the reality much better,  and properly appraises any reality that may result from this or that regulation”.