Posted: 3 years ago

The Petromidia Refinery of the Company Rompetrol is Celebrating 40-Years Anniversary

“Petromidia” refinery - one of the largest and most modern refineries in South-Eastern Europe and Black Sea region – supplier of Rompetrol, is celebrating 40 years since its foundation. Celebration events were held in Navodari, Romania, hosting press representatives and other special guests from 11 countries.

The company summed up the results of the company’s work of 4 decades. They also awarded those employees who significantly contributed to the development of “Petromidia.” In the event, local and foreign guests attended a presentation and a press conference. The media tour was held at the refinery, sea terminal, and operation office as well. The day was culminated by the grand event hosting around 1500 guests.

Since its foundation, the company refined 122,8 tons of oil products. In recent years, the refinery throughput has reached a record high after a complex and step-by-step modernization process. Last year it broke 11 records of manufacturing as well as 5.92 tons raw material was being refined. That number is the highest in a 40-year history of Petromidia and is even more than the refinery’s nominal indicator.

The company “Rompetrol” is a leading brand of the group KMG International, owned by a Kazakh company KazMunayGaz. KMG Rompetrol is an essential key player in the Black and Mediterranean Sea regions. In 11 countries more than 6,000 people are employed in KMGI Group. Rompetrol entered the market in Georgia 14 years ago and currently is one of the leading oil companies in the country. It is represented by 81 gas stations across the whole Georgia.

Rompetrol delivers refined Euro-5 standard fuel to Georgian customers from Petromidia refinery. As the managers of the group say, the company has ambitious plans in Georgia – as a result of substantial investments the market share is supposed to increase from 20 to 25%. Until the end of 2020, it is planned to open 10 new gas stations and to add additional services.

 “Rompetrol is a key player in all markets it has entered. We are continuing the development process in the market of Georgia as well. In the nearest future, we are planning to offer not only fuel but also introduce other products, including our supermarket brand – “Hei”. Each year Rompetrol is serving about 60 million customers, and in the next few years, the number will grow.” – said Anca Banciu, the BU Retail Operations Director at Rompetrol.

“Nowadays, Georgia is ready to fully provide the delivery of Euro standard fuel. Our main refinery is located in the European Union, so we only produce products according to European standards. At the Georgian market, some of our competitors will have to conduct certain changes, including the aspect of changing a supplier, but it is not about us, because we’ve been providing Georgia with Euro 5 standard fuel for years.”– Zamanbek Mirzayanov, General Director of Rompetrol Georgia, said.

The group also owns another refinery “Vega,” which has a 114-years history. evolving from a classic oil refining unit into a producer and supplier of special products made from semi-finished products delivered by Petromidia.

Through KMG Trading AG, the trading company located in Switzerland, carrying out major oil and oil products trading operations in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean region, the group has become the leader on oil and gas market in the region.