Posted: 1 year ago
Author: Maka Kochaladze

The Legend of Anapana: How a Georgian Brand was Born

In the land of Georgia, there is a legend that tells the story of a knight who was bestowed with the daughter of the goddess of beauty as his wife. Their offspring were blessed with a divine halos on their heads, but to protect the eyes of mere mortals from their radiance, the gods created headbands for them using ribbons. These headbands were named Anapana, in honor of the goddess of beauty.

For Mariam Pridonishvili, a former Sukhishvili dancer, this legend served as the inspiration for her handmade hats that she has been creating for several years now. However, it was not the legend that initially sparked her interest in headwear. One day, while on the beach, she saw a girl with a scarf wrapped around her head, and she imitated the style. Soon, it became her signature look.

During rehearsals for Sukhishvili's "Transformation" project, Mariam's headgear kept moving, so she decided to tape it in place and add more details. This was the birth of the Anapana, which was first used as a prop for the project. However, it quickly gained popularity and became a separate brand.

Mariam faced many challenges in creating a uniform look for the Anapana, but through hard work and determination, she was able to achieve her vision. Today, Anapana is a thriving brand that has expanded to include a men's line. Although the demand from women is higher, the men's line is still produced in limited quantities.

The process of creating an Anapana is a labor of love that requires time and creative skill. Mariam finds the fabrics for each hat herself and carefully crafts each one by hand. Her attention to detail is evident in the final product, which is both beautiful and unique.

Mariam's plans for the future of Anapana include modernizing traditional Georgian headdresses and connecting them with old Georgian legends. She also hopes to stage a show at a suitable location towards the end of this year. Anapana hats have already been sold in Germany, and Mariam has plans to expand to other countries.

Anapana brand is a testament to the power of inspiration and hard work. What began as a simple scarf wrapped around her head has become a thriving business that showcases the beauty and uniqueness of Georgian culture. Through her creativity and attention to detail, Mariam has turned a traditional headband into a work of art that is both modern and timeless. The legend of Anapana lives on