Posted: 5 years ago

The First Robot Lawyer - Lawbot In Georgia

The founder of the first lawyer bot in Georgia, Ucha Dzimistarishvili notes, that it is already probable to mechanize 30% of the lawyer's work.

The law firm, CCLA has started working on the lawyer bot several years ago, when they had to appeal for 12 fines at once.

CCLA realized, that it was necessary to create something, that would help them simplify processes. The first version of the project involves fine topics. 

Currently, using bot is free of charge and it requires to log in into facebook and open the chat of Lawbot. The bot asks the user specific questions and lastly, will send them the formal contract written in Microsoft Word.

Fines, receipts, appeals - this is the short list of the services provided by Lawbot. The Company GITA has funded their project with 100,000 GEL and according to this, the law firm has improved the assistance and added 12 more different services.

"It is already stated, that automatization of the 30% of lawyers work is probable. This gives us the way, whither we need to go. Today Lawbot works in many and different fields already. We try to make our product's communication more simple than the foreigner's analogy. We are adding the services and we are ready to finally bring out the project", Dzimistarishvili noted.