Posted: 4 years ago

The Biggest Update in MYMARKET History has Already been Released!

MYMARKET is the most needed place on the Georgian Internet, which has 900,000 unique users each month and has over 100,000 items or services. Mymarket has been practicing Georgian E-Commerce for 16 years.

Work on the upgrade began in February 2019 and was preceded by months of research, with the key question: How to make MYMARKET more user oriented? After 240 days of continuous work and 2 months of beta testing, the desktop version of the site has been completely updated.

The home page has been updated, that changes due to the user's interest, the search engine has been refined and smarter, where even an emoji can find an item or service. The pricing module has been added, which simplifies the shopping process for both the seller and the buyer. Adding listing is easier and more comfortable too. Many small details have been improved that have made MYMARKET more suitable for users.

In the first week of December, beta testing of the mobile version of the site will begin, and in 2020, along with deliveries of used items, installments will also be available for purchase on the site.

The update is the result of MY.GE's brand platform and new strategy, which promises to create a personalized experience for 2.2 million visitors each month to easily find what they're looking for!