Posted: 4 years ago

TENE – Georgian Eco-friendly Cable

Recently, Ginventor, Georgian store of mobile phone accessories and equipment decided to introduce TENE eco-friendly cable to clients.

This is a USB cable made of polyethylene wastes. TENE is an additional proof that companies try to take efficient steps for growing corporate social responsibility. Aleksandre Liluashvili, founder of Ginventor company talks about the TENE concept:

TENE is a unique project because of several reasons: first, it is the first Georgian USB cable and also the world’s first GREEN USB cable. This signifiers that proceeds from its sales will be directed to cleaning our nature from polyethylene wastes and recycling these wastes. Later we will use the received materials in production of the same cable.

Moreover, TENE is the first crowdfunding company in Georgia that like famous platforms of Kickstarter and Indigogo aims at collecting funds through direct sales for stating production.