Posted: 4 years ago

Telavi Wine Cellar to Spend over 0.5 million GEL on Wine Tourism Development

Telavi Wine Cellar will finish a special infrastructure for the wine tourism direction development by the end of 2020, the company founder Zurab Ramazashvili told the Commersant.

Telavi visitors will be able to taste Georgian wines on the winemaking company territory and spend the whole day in interesting environment. Telavi Wine Cellar will spend more than 1 million GEL on wine tourism development. The project development has taken much time, the businessmen noted.

‘We can receive guests even now. We hold tasting, but we work to provide better conditions for tourists. Everything is in construction process. We have performed huge job. The exterior part of the facility will end by the end of 2020, a reception hall, garden and various other components will be arranged”, Zurab Ramazashvili explained.