Posted: 1 week ago

Tekhuri Energy: Local Residents Back Tekhuri Cascade Project Implementation

Business Partner has inquired about new details regarding the Tekhuri Cascade construction project that is implemented by Israeli company Razgal Energy.

Israeli visitors have already arrived in Georgia to prepare an environmental impact assessment conclusion and sign a memorandum with the Government, after which the inventor company will select a construction company and the construction works will start, Tekhuri Energy director-general Mogeli Tkebuchava said. The project will not be implemented in the previously chosen location, the village of Lebarde.

Two new locations have been selected. “Unlike other projects, local residents fully back the project implementation. The investor has submitted a 600,000-USD bank guarantee to the Government. Local residents sent two letters to the former Prime Minister that they were interested in building these hydropower plants”, Tkebuchava noted. Electricity System Commercial Operator (ESCO) will buy Tekhuri Cascade electricity at $0.06, he said.

The Israeli Company will invest approximately $180 million in Tekhuri Cascade project implementation. The project calls for building 2 small HPPs with the total installed generation of 114 megawatts.