Posted: 5 months ago

TBC Initiatives to Support Georgian Business

#TBC4you offers Georgian businesses various initiatives to simplify their business.

Within the framework of the program, anyone can donate and support their favorite Georgian company from today. To do this, the platform has been launched. Customers will receive a voucher from their favorite company in return for the amount they have transferred, which will be withdrawn as soon as the business continues as usual.

By donation you can transfer at least 5 and maximum 100 GEL. Any Georgian company can participate in the project. The platform has already been joined by: Spillow; Hostel - "Black Tomato"; Wine Company - "Zhuzhuna"; Bar - "Meoba"; Cafe - "Tone"; Board Games Club - Tsibakha and more.

#TBC4you program combines several initiatives to support Georgian businesses:

· Support for business digitization;

· Online business education;

· Discounts on banking products and services;

· Benefits for digital products.

Business digitization support includes:

· Creation of company website in 3 days. The service includes both photographer service, payment system integration and delivery service integration. With the support of VISA, the first 100 companies that will be involved in the project will receive free web site service by the end of the year;

· Placement of Georgian products on, with minimal commission fee;

· Placing the products on the biggest online startup marketer -, which will be operational from April. Business registration on the website has already begun.

Users can participate in TBC trainings in the framework of online business education without leaving home.

Another initiative for the TBC program is to offer business benefits to digital products, in particular:

· Registration of new customers in Business Interbank and receiving quarterly services free of charge;

· Open an account in Business Interbank for free;

· Activate Digipa app for free;

Banking products and services were also offered to businesses.

· Three-month grace period on loan deposit;

· Get ​​free business card when ordering from a call center;

· Commission fees have been abolished for utility payments in Internet and MobileBank;

· Post-terminal cancellation fee waived until June 1;

· Created a special distribution card for distribution companies.

#TBC4you will offer users many more news in the near future.