Posted: 6 months ago

TBC Company Continues to Cooperate with Anagi in terms of Development

"Anagi Development" is the new direction of the largest construction company "Anagi" with 30 years of history.

Park Home is the first residential complex of Anagi Development with its largest 8000 sqm recreation area in Vake. The complex's infrastructure includes a courtyard, green terraces, playgrounds, a 25-meter pool, fitness room, parking and lobby concierge services.

Aniagi Development's priority is not quantity and scale. The company's goal is to deliver a new word in project development with a quality and distinctive concept that includes its own recreation area, the infrastructure necessary for a healthy life and a high standard of living.

In November 2019, a memorandum was signed between TBC Mortgage Center and "Anagi Development", which implies a simplified process of purchasing apartments for TBC customers in the new residential complex.

Anagi was founded 30 years ago and soon became the leader of the country's construction sector. The company currently employs more than 1,500 people, with Anagi and TBC co-operating in 2017, which has carried out 11 collaborative projects. For the bank, the construction sector is one of the priority areas. TBC's total investment in both the construction and development sectors exceeds GEL 132 million over the past year.