Posted: 1 week ago

Tax consulting services in Tbilisi

Georgian tax legislation is designed to attract foreign investors. Tax rates are low and there are number of special tax-statuses that businesses can obtain to optimize their taxes. For example, IT companies can obtain “Virtual Zone Company” status, which enables them to decrease corporate income tax (CIT) as well as value added tax (VAT) to zero.

If you are foreign investor interested in entering Georgian market, there are number of such tax benefits you should be aware of. 

Who can provide tax consulting services in Georgia?

Investors should be aware of all available tax benefits, as well as local mandatory requirements before making the decision to invest in Georgia. There are number of local companies that provide accounting services to foreigners. Discussing your individual circumstances with such companies and obtaining their expert opinion on tax-related matters can be very helpful during the planning stage. Usually, most of the local accounting service companies also provide bookkeeping services. 

While there are professional accounting companies in almost all regions of Georgia, most of them are primarily concentrated in Tbilisi, capital city of Georgia and Batumi, the second largest city in Georgia.     

Who can provide accounting and bookkeeping services in Georgia?

The same companies that provide tax consulting services usually also provide accounting and bookkeeping services. They also file all relevant tax declarations and returns on your company’s behalf. Such companies are usually contractually responsible for any omissions or errors in tax returns. Therefore, for a foreign investor, who has no knowledge of local tax code, this service can be efficient. 

It should also be noted that accounting services are offered at quite low fees in Georgia. If you are hiring and accountant in Tbilisi, you may want to compare different options that you may have.