Posted: 8 months ago

Sulguni Prepared in Lagodekhi to Sell in America

From 2020 Georgian cheese Sulguni will be sold in America.

As a co-founder of "Hereti Global" and Georgian businessmen, Avtandil Chkheidze noted, together with importing Sulguni on American market, they also plan to promote Imerian cheese.

"Sulguni's Factory in Lagodekhi was built and co-financed by USAID. My business partners invested nearly 300.000$ in the building of the factory, which will be equipped with Euro standards. We are waiting for the first production from January 2020. We plan to modify 3-5 tones of milk. Cheese will also be on the Georgian market. Factory in total will employ 100 recruits." stated Avtandil Chkheidze.