Posted: 1 month ago

Steffen Hoffmann Appointed as New Regional Director of BOSCH

Bosch has a new regional director. The new regional director of the group is Steffen Hoffmann, who has 29 years of experience with the company.

"I believe that the region has significant potential for long-term growth. We will continue to work in Ukraine, Belarus, Central Asia, Russia, Mongolia, the Caucasus and other countries in terms of technological leadership, sales growth and localization of production," said Hoffmann.

Prior to Mr.Hoffmann, Hansjurgen Overstoltz was Bosch's Regional Director for 25 years. As a result of his management, the company has grown steadily in the Caucasus and the CIS, despite macroeconomic difficulties.

Bosch has been in the world market since 1886. Currently, the company operates in four directions: mobile solutions, industrial technology, consumer goods, energy and construction technologies.