Posted: 1 month ago

Startup HALO Plans to Arrange a Showroom

HALO offers customers handmade decorative mirrors made with different techniques and materials, which have no analogs in the Georgian market.

It is a startup founded by two friends, and it appeared on the market one year ago. 

"HALO is a natural phenomenon, white and colored light around the sun or the moon, and its perception is individual. Our main direction is to revive the effect of the sea waves and at this stage, we are only making decorative mirrors and refrigerator magnets. However, in the future, we also plan to make various decorations and kitchen inventory.", noted the co-founder of HALO, Ana Eremeishvili.

Their future plans also include arranging a showroom, where guests will be able to participate in the product-making process. 

The prices of HALO products start from 25 GEL and depend on the size, quantity, and individual characteristics.

The startup was created with private investment, although in the future HALO also plans to participate in various projects for additional funding.