Posted: 4 years ago

Spotlight 2019 – Bringing the Creative Industry Closer to Customers

Spotlight 2019 is coming - the event full of inspirational stories and motivation. This platform enables many successful people to introduce their interesting innovations and extraordinary ideas in 2019. 

The Spotlight 2019 festival will be held on December 15. Ako Akhalaia, the founder of the site, noted that the event is traditionally sponsored by the Bank of Georgia. 

“We invite people engaged in marketing, PR, design. We will listen to their stories, and so on”, Ako Akhalaia noted. 

The event is primarily composed of three formats. The first part includes panel discussions on interesting topics. Simultaneously, lectures will be delivered. The most important part will be in the evening, where speakers will transmit their inspirations to other participants for 15 minutes, Ako Akhalaia said. 

“Spotlight was first held in 2013. 4,000 applicants were registered that year. Because of our format, we do not want to hold this event at the Tbilisi Philharmonic or similar locations, because this format doesn’t work. The objective of the project is to bring the art industry closer to their customers. Consequently,  relevant and interested agencies will be allowed to host industry representatives at their own offices. According to my information, we have already received many requests”, Akhalaia noted. 

As for outcomes and specific changes in the industry that have taken place since 2013, Ako Akhalaia noted that, previously, people engaged in this industry were less well known, and they were not invited anywhere. Today, the situation has changed radically, he said.

“Our project has actualized these people. Moreover, our efforts have become international in scale. Thanks to the knowledge and experience acquired in Georgia, people receives international orders. For example, in 2013 Vato Kavtaradze won the most prestigious ad award-Eurobest. When they published this information, it had only 20 LIKES. Nobody appreciated this back then. Today, it has received 1,200 LIKES from only our team. People share this information and, in general, this has become very popular. We believe in creativity, because all these efforts are driven by the economy”, Ako Akhalaia said. 

Bank of Georgia Brand Manager Solo Tsitsuashvili explains that the objective of the campaign is to unite and promote people. As for the interests of Bank of Georgia, Tsitsuashvili explains that banking institutions are to foster interested and zealous people, to demonstrate and  bring about  their real potential. Consequently, Spotlight, with its speakers and relevant topics is a platform where beginners can use this opportunity. Specific issues,  specific cases will be represented and discussed at the event. 

As to how important these events are for Bank of Georgia, and whether Spotlight and other events are part of the bank’s ecosystem, if the bank is a sponsor or promoter, Tsitsuashvili states that Bank of Georgia has made this a priority.