Posted: 1 week ago

SpaceX Plans to Provide Internet Through Starlink Satellite System in Georgia

SpaceX plans to provide the internet through Starlink satellite systems in Georgia.

Ekaterine Imedadze, a member of the Communications Commission met with a representative of SpaceX, where they discussed the launch of SpaceX Starlink satellite internet service in Georgia.

They discussed the matters of the current situation in the telecommunications sector in Georgia, as well as the prospects for the development of the digital economy in the country. The SpaceX representative of SpaceX briefed the commission staff on SpaceX's future plans in Georgia. Projects created by startups trained by Medialab were also presented at the meeting.

Starlink provides high-speed, low-latency broadband internet across the globe. Within each coverage area, orders are fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.

In the Georgian context, Starlink is particularly important to launch in mountainous regions without broadband internet coverage. With the introduction of Starlink, access to high-speed Internet in all such geographical areas will be available to anyone.

"Currently, SpaceX is working to explore fields of interest on the Georgian market and is preparing for the commercial launch of Starlink operations in the country. I think this fact is a very significant event for the region and for the telecommunications sector since after its introduction, satellite internet will be available in Georgia, and this will open a window for the development of innovative digital services.", noted Ekaterine Imedadze.