Posted: 1 year ago

Sometimes You Know You Act Right - Socar Sums Up 2019

Planting the trees, solar panels, charitable contributions, implemented projects supporting youth and people with disabilities - Socar discussed these matters publicly within the framework of CSR platform "5 Standards of Responsibility".

Everything, which was done under the care of Socar last year, was discussed with experts and future plans were elaborated. At the end of presenting the calculations, guests were able to see the video, which represented the actions of Socar and reactions of society on social network.

Representatives of Socar with this video tell, that negative comments written in Russian, Latin and rarely Georgian font, will not be the obstruction for them. In spite of the resistance, they will look after the environment, popularization electro mobiles, development of the sport, support of people with disabilities, youth, women and elderly people. Society was introduced with future plans of Socar on February 21st while estimating the year of 2019.