Posted: 2 weeks ago

Social Space for Students Arranged at TSU Supported by Bank of Georgia

Bank of Georgia continues to support education. With the financial assistance of the bank, Tbilisi State University space was organized for students in the 10th building of the university. New space allows students to read, interact socially, and relax. Bank of Georgia equipped the building with modern design furniture and appliances.

"It is significant for Bank of Georgia to support such initiatives, which make the learning process even more enjoyable and productive for students. We are glad that we had an opportunity to offer students a new, modern social space within the partnership of Bank of Georgia and Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. We think we will be able to implement a number of important and interesting projects together.", the Bank of Georgia declared.

As for the information, several important projects were already implemented by the Bank of Georgia. Recently, Bank of Georgia gave Zoom Education's licenses to TSU, which allows online lectures and activities with large audiences on a continuous basis.