Posted: 2 weeks ago

SOCAR Georgia Petroleum Plans to Build Several New Multifunctional Complexes

SOCAR Georgia Petroleum plans to build several new multifunctional complexes in the west in the near future.

"The existence of rest stops on the road is important. There must be at least a 50-kilometer distance between such places to make sense. In the future, we are going to cover the whole highway with similar types of facilities. Two or three more facilities might be built on the Tbilisi-Sarpi section. Approximately, on the territory of Chumateleti and then near Sarpi and in Guria,”said Levan Giorgadze, the director of the company with Business Partner.

According to him, the multifunctional complex near Terjola is expected to work with less workload during the autumn season, but despite this, the company has grounds for optimism.

"Change of seasons do affect this business. During and without a pandemic, autumn and winter are much less busy than summer. Of course, we expect a drop. A bigger drop than it would have been without a pandemic, though July-August gave us cause for optimism. Citizens do not cross the country and there is more traffic within the country. Georgian citizens drive their cars even more often than tourists. I think the situation will be better than we expected in March, when it all started," said the director of SOCAR Georgia Petroleum.