Posted: 3 years ago

SOCAR Announces Discounts on All Types of Fuel

SOCAR announces discount on all products. Since March 21, at SOCAR petrol stations, the price of any type of gasoline has decreased by 10 tetri and the price of diesel by 15 tetri.

Different conditions will apply to customers who own a SOCAR loyalty card, a renewable energy card. Power card holders have an additional discount. Anyone who purchases Nano Premium and Nano Euro Regular fuel with a renewed energy card within the next month will receive an additional 25 tetri discount. In addition, 3 points will be charged on every liter of petrol purchased, which equals 3 tetri.

If a customer purchases a Nano Euro diesel, or a Nano diesel with a renewed energy card, they will receive a discount of 20 tetri and will be charged 3 tetri per liter of fuel purchased.

Discounts at SOCAR petrol stations started on March 21.