Posted: 1 week ago

Snap Fitness Georgia Opens a New Premium Quality Branch

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, amount of customers are decreased by 30%. However, Snap Fitness Georgia announced the opening of a new, premium-quality gym from September 15th.

"Compared to September of the last year, we have a 30% decrease in customers. We do not plan to suspend Snap Fitness Georgia, otherwise, we can't open it again, and it will affect the business badly.

In the building of King David, we will have a new branch of Snap Fitness Georgia, which will be of premium-quality. Currently, we hold negotiations with banks and tenants in terms of financial obligations. The new branch will have many additional services including group training. Also, customers will find themselves in a beautiful exercising space and parking lot."

As for adding Snap Fitness Georgia to a competitor in the premium class category, Worldclass Fitness with its premium quality noted that they are confident in the advantages of their international brand and there is no reason to fear competition.

"We have a friendly relationship with Snap and we only welcome this news. The premium class hall of Octopus as opened, but there is no decrease in our customers, their number grows daily. We are an international brand and there is a huge difference between us and other fitness clubs. Worldclass stands out with its services and benefits. Daily observation allows me to say so.", defined Nino Khurodze.