Posted: 2 weeks ago

Smugglers to Sell Georgian Alcoholic Beverage "Supta"

Georgian natural alcoholic drink "Supta" made of lemon will be sold in the branches of Smugglers this week.

The company holds negotiations with other online stores to sell its own products. Vodka of Supta was well received in Israel and the company waits for resuming flights to start negotiations.

As Nikoloz Devidze declared, the company plans to sell the alcohol drinks made by honey and other natural ingredients in the future.

The selling price of Georgian alcoholic drink "Supta" in the store chain "Smugglers" is 25.5 Lari.

The Georgian drinks made by lemon were originally bottled and sold in bars. After 2 years, the company has rebranded and is now fully moved to selling vodka bottles.

Vodka of Supta does not contain essences and additives, it is made with natural lemon, cedar, and juice. Its enterprise is located in Avlabari. The company employes 10 people.