Posted: 1 month ago

Skhivi Plans to Sell Raw Chocolate and Germinated Bread from 2022

From 2022, the company Skhivi will offer customers raw chocolate and germinated bread.

According to the founder of Skhivi, Salome Kalandadze, the company plans to create its own distribution network and enter the international market too.

We have about 30-40 varieties of products, the idea of which is based on the minimalistic concept of the kitchen. It implies minimal use of resources, without kitchen utensils, including pans, pots, pans, baking, etc. She also noted that only water is used during the preparation of the dish.

This year, the company opened its own cafe in Tbilisi. According to the founder, the main consumers of their food are foreigners living in Georgia, however, the interest from locals is also growing.

The most demanded product is germinated bread, which costs 7 GEL.