Posted: 1 week ago

Ska Juice Bar Invested $1 Million in Opening 4 New Branches

Juice Bar Ska reviews the last year. According to Giorgi Talakhadze, the company's director, said that the company opened four new branches in 2022, expanded the number of products offered, and at the same time saw a considerable rise in the number of customers.

"We opened one branch in Batumi, on Rustaveli Street, and three in Tbilisi, on University Street, Beliashvili and near the Vazha-Pshavela monument.

It was a very good year, even summer, which falls every year, we finished with growth. Due to the terrible events taking place in Ukraine, the number of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian migrants in the country has increased. This factor also led to a 30-40% increase in our customers.

The profitable year has led to the fact that we have significantly increased the range of products, one of our directions is healthy food products, and before we had 3-4 products in the refrigerator, now we have 40-50.

It is also important that we actively position ourselves on "Glovo" and "Wolt", we are among the leading Georgian brands, our product is very convenient for recall, that's why we receive up to 1,000 orders from "Glovo" and "Wolt" every day", says Giorgi Talakhadze.

As for the plans for 2023, the director of the company tells BMG that in the near future, Ska will open four more new branches and will actively work to enter Eastern European countries.

"In May, we are opening another branch in Batumi, in the new shopping center Grand Mall, and we will also add three new branches in Tbilisi by the end of the year. We are not present in the Isani-Samgori region, and we are planning to enter here.

We are actively working to enter Eastern European countries as well, at this stage our priority is Istanbul, which is a very large market and there is no similar healthy food network. At the beginning of 2022, we were also working on entering the Ukrainian market, but then, unfortunately, the war started and the process was stopped, but we hope that by 2025 we will be represented by one object in Kyiv and Istanbul, if not more," explains the director of Ska Juice Bar.

In 2022, the company invested $1 million to open new branches, and it currently employs about 300 people.