Posted: 6 months ago

Shopping Malls May Open Provided Staff is Tested

Shopping malls may open provided their staff is tested. As noted by Paata Imnadze, deputy chairman of the National Center for Disease Control, the Government has started testing clergymen, market sellers, and taxi drivers.

“We aim to cover all groups that communicate with customers. As for businesses, we may let them resume operation if their personnel is tested”, Paata Imnadze noted. Reportedly, the private sector is unaware of the mentioned plans. As ICR Group supervisory board chairman Kakha Khazaradze told Business Partner, the government officials have not communicated with the company.

“The Government has launched a free of charge program for testing the population. We do not know how we should participate in the free testing component. We have not received due information, Kakha Khazaradze said. Retail Group Georgia director Rezo Maghalashvili also refuses to have received information on the mentioned plans. ‘We have no information. We were not asked to test staff so far.

Maybe they will communicate with us. IN general, we have very low statistics, only 1% of our employees was infected… Let’s see. If they set mandatory recommendations, we will obey”, Maghalashvili noted.