Posted: 1 month ago

Shalva Giorgobiani: Work of our Team Supports Strengthening of the Country’s Energy Security

Shalva Giorgobiani is a professional engineer, leading a E&M team at Shuakhevi HPP. He joined AGL in 2020, but his career in the energy sector started back in 2007.

Throughout many years of successful career, he believes that one of the important achievements is successful commencement of operation of Skhalta HPP initiated by his team and himself. He is positive that he works for one of the most important energy projects for the country that daily contributes into the process of strengthening energy security of this country.

“When I joined Shuakhevi HPP, the company was about to launch operation of Skhalta HPP. As you are aware, Shuakhevi HPP is comprises of 187 MW Shuakhevi HPP and 9 MW  Skhalta HPP. I can say that successful commencement of Skhalta HPP operation was one of the most interesting stages in my multi-year career. Today, we perform constant monitoring on Shuakhevi HPP and Skhalta HPP and at the same time, we preventively plan all the relevant measures to avoid any challenges. Since the start of electricity generation, both power plants operate successfully and without any technical challenges” – states, Shalva Giorgobiani.

Responsibility of Shalva and his team members is electrical maintenance and due functioning of machinery. They have a pre-developed plan they follow, main goal is to have all the machinery in due condition all the time and to avoid any complications in electricity generation. He believes that the technical plan they follow is so precise, that they do not face any challenges and unforeseen condition. They always act proactively.

“We started electricity generation in 2020, it’s the third year already that we have been generating electricity. From the very first day, we did not have any occasions when we had to face any kind of risk or challenge. On one side, standards of the plan each team member follows are very high and on the other side, there is tight coordination of all different teams, all the team work, supporting each other. This is a team comprised of truly good people which I believe is immensely important at the workplace, especially when you spend so much of your time both at work and outside it with those people” – says Shalva.

Similar to other engineers, he spends his time after work hours at the company’s camp site, where engineers live. The place is equipped all the essential inventory for healthy life. Even though the company offers the best possible conditions to its employees, a large portion of company’s staff members have to spend much time far from their families. Shalva thinks it is quite a challenge, but when you do the job you truly love, you can cope with this challenge.

"Working for the energy company is significantly different from other professions. You spend the majority of your time at the power plant, you stay in the company’s camp site and you get up the next morning to continue doing your job. Your responsibility is huge, you realize that you are important part of the company’s team and you need to work in harmony with each of them to achieve the set goal together. Our common, daily goal is secure process of electricity generation and transmission it to the electricity grid, from where each of your citizen is supplied with the electricity that is generated as a result of your work. In successful implementation of this process, the work my team and I do is very important” – mentioned, Shalva Giorgobiani.

He believes that foreign professionals play important part in the company’s success. Working with them every single day helps each engineer to develop, constantly learn something new.

“Similar to other fields, the energy sector constantly develops, in our time, this pace of development is even faster than before. It’s a good feeling to be a part of a successful team which constantly learns, moves forward, develops and at the same time, you have unlimited access to all the technological progress achieved in the field” – states Shalva.