Posted: 1 month ago

Sapo: "Georgian Products Need More Support from the State for Export"

Georgian startup "Sapo" making handmade soaps based on natural ingredients has been in the local market for almost four years.

The founder of "Sapo" Naili Vakhania mentioned that soaps are sold together with adventure books, which is especially interesting for consumers.

"Sapo manufactures natural production, the price of which is higher than the rest of the competitors in the market. At first, when we launched our products, the demand was less, but the priority is gradually given to the quality, therefore demand has increased. However, the pandemic has created major hindrances production-wise."

As for the export of products, the company's soaps are currently only available on the local market.

According to Naili Vakhania, there are challenges in the market that prevent development:

"The problem is the lack of raw materials in Georgia, as well as the high prices of the latter. For the further development of business, I would like to have support from the state to promote Georgian products for export."