Posted: 6 months ago

Saamuri - New Georgian Wine Bar and Shop


Saamuri is the new shop and bar established by Maia Chokhonelidze and Niki Antadze, where one can taste both local and international natural wines and buy them.

The concept of Saamuri located in a multifunctional space Fabrika intends to popularize Georgian natural wine, and introduce it to both Georgian and foreign society. 

Saamuri offers its guests a wide variety of wines. 

Recently, Italian, French, and New Zealand natural wines were added next to Georgian wine. Apart from this, Saamuri also presents sparkling wines, Prosecco, made by one of the best traditional methods recognized by Decanter and other beverages.

Currently, Saamuri works online, however, the list of all drinks which Saamuri offers now can be read and purchased on the website of Saamuri:, as well as on the app of Glovo and Moitane.