Posted: 1 month ago

Saamuri Exports 90% of its Production to Foreign Markets

"Saamuri" is a Georgian natural wine bar located in Fabrika in Tbilisi. 

"Knowledge of nature, soil, wine vessels, vineyards, and wines itself is essentially important for making natural wine.

We have transformed the 50-square-meter space into a place that, in addition to the adventures within the natural tastes of wine, "Saamuri" also serves as a space of fun, cognition, and exchange of information about the wine.", noted the co-founder of "Saamuri", Maia Chokhonelidze.

Currently, "Saamuri" produces up to 100 types of Georgian and up to 35 types of foreign natural wines, the prices of which range from 20 to 250 GEL.

"We produce about 10 thousand bottles of natural wine a year, 90% of which is exported. Our export countries are Japan, the United States, European countries, and this year China was added to the list."