Posted: 1 year ago

Rustaveli" Restaurant: A Unique Concept Contributing to Urbanization in Batumi

The NBN Group has expanded its portfolio of hospitality businesses with the recent opening of its premium class restaurant, "Rustaveli" in Batumi. With its diverse concept and offerings, the restaurant has quickly become a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

The NBN Group, which has been managing hotels and restaurants in the Adjara region for 13 years, now includes "Rustaveli", "Pirosmani", "Wonka" food delivery, and NBN Hotel under its holding. The multi-concept restaurant "Rustaveli" was launched in test mode in February, offering guests dishes from Georgian, European, and Asian cuisine. The restaurant boasts of 8 distinct spaces: the main hall, classical hall, literary and Asian space, lounge and cigar bar, wine cellar, Georgian courtyard, and a party hall. Each space has its own unique theme, offering guests a variety of gastronomic experiences and cultural diversity.

NBN Group's co-founder Nika Jimsheradze shared in an interview with BM.GE that the new restaurant is located in an untapped area of Batumi, which contributes to the urbanization of the city. With its unique concept, "Rustaveli" is a kind of know-how in the hospitality market, making it a sought-after destination for those looking for a different dining experience.

Despite still being in test mode, the restaurant operates at full capacity, employing 182 staff members. The restaurant's success is due to its innovative concept, quality service, and the ability to present all the main elements of Georgian culture and gastronomy.

"Rustaveli" has already become a hit with guests, who can choose from a variety of spaces within the restaurant, each with its own unique offerings. For example, the Rustaveli hall, which can accommodate up to 180 people, features modern interior inspired by panther motifs, while the Tinatini hall, designed for 100 persons, has an elegant classical style. Guests can also enjoy the wine and chacha tasting service at the Marani or watch the preparation of Makali and tuna bread in the Georgian courtyard.

The NBN Group's plan includes many exciting projects, and while there are no plans yet to open new "Rustaveli" branches in Batumi or other cities in the country, their long-term plan includes expanding to other regions in the country. With their successful positioning in the market, it's safe to say that "Rustaveli" is just the beginning of NBN Group's contribution to the development of the restaurant sector and the labor market.