Posted: 1 month ago

"Russia-Ukraine War Adversely Affected Our Export Business" - Director of Kobi

The director of the Kobi factory owned by "Aqua Geo", Levan Tserodze declared that Russia-Ukraine war adversely affected the trade of the company.

According to him, Ukraine was one of the largest partners for Aqua Geo and currently, export to Ukraine is suspended.

"According to the decision made by the company, we transferred humanitarian aid to Ukraine and returned part of the paid amount to the Ukrainian company."

As he further mentioned, the company has not yet completely replaced the Ukrainian market with other markets, however, "Aqua Geo" is actively working on this matter.

Currently, Kobi factory produces 15 tons of water per hour. The main export countries of mineral water "Kobi" are the USA, Canada, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, and others.