Posted: 2 weeks ago

Roundup Max – Bayer's Innovative Total Action Herbicide

Roundup Max is one of the standout offerings from Bayer, renowned for its innovative range of plant protection products.

This herbicide is acclaimed for its comprehensive efficacy against a broad spectrum of annual and perennial weeds. Below, we delve into its unique features and usage guidelines.

What is Roundup Max and what sets it apart?

Roundup Max is a pre-sowing, total action herbicide designed to combat gramineous and dicotyledonous weeds. It is highly effective at eliminating both herbaceous and shrubby plants across various types of land.

A key benefit of Roundup Max is its rapid action. It features a high concentration of an active substance that is swiftly absorbed by weeds, ensuring quick and effective eradication. After applying Roundup Max, there is no need for additional treatments to fully eliminate weeds. Moreover, it is effective even in cooler temperatures.

How should Roundup Max be used?

Roundup Max is applied post-harvest in fields of seed and core fruits, citrus, vines, and nuts. For fields designated for autumn and spring cereals, sunflowers, and soybeans, it should be applied 3-4 weeks prior to planting. Roundup Max is also suitable for use on non-agricultural lands such as irrigation and drainage channels, roadsides, urban green spaces, and parks to control shrubs and grasses. Treatment with Roundup Max should occur during the active growth phase of the weeds.

Where can you find Roundup Max?

In Georgia, Agrosphere, an importer of innovative agricultural products and equipment, is the official representative of Bayer. Roundup Max is available for purchase at Agrosphere’s retail locations and through their online platform. For more detailed information about the product’s features and usage instructions, consult with an Agrosphere specialist.